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Washing machines and clothes dryers are marvels of modern technology. Think about what your washing machine does with a big heavy load of wet clothes. It takes a lot of energy to spin, twist and agitate your clothing and linens to get them sparkling clean. The same goes for your electric or gas clothes dryer.

With such a demanding job, it’s no wonder that these workhorse appliances need some occasional repair or maintenance. Whether it’s a top load or front load washing machine, gas or electric clothes dryer, our guys know how to get to the root of problem quickly and get you up and running.

Are you having any of these problems with your washing machine?

  • Washing machine has unusual shaking and wobbling
  • Washing machine leaks water
  • Washing machine smells bad
  • Water won’t drain from the washing machine
  • Detergent or bleach not dispensing
  • Washing machine making unusual noise

Is your clothes dryer not quite getting it done?

  • Clothes dryer won’t turn on
  • Clothes dryer takes too long to dry
  • Clothes dryer not tumbling clothes
  • Clothes dryer not heating
  • Clothes dryer making strange noises

For these symptoms or any other problems with your washer or dryer, turn to the pros at Kelly’s Appliance Repair. We’ll diagnose the problem, provide options to fix the issue and get you going again in no time!

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